Having travelled and worked in many places where luxury is the norm, I have nevertheless always found little omissions and being a demanding person, I have asked myself: “Does perfection exist?”

A lovely place but the therapist is not so very good, I did not feel at ease there, standard treatments without considering my own personal make-up.

Good therapist but the place was not welcoming! At this point I thought “and what if I brought a bit of this and a bit of that into my own place? Or if I were asked to find a gorgeous villa overlooking cliffs and the sea and I could take all this there? And what if I wanted to give my girlfriends or bridesmaids a special wellness experience before the big day, rather than going to a classic spa? And what if this summer I did not want to have to think about seeking out a spa to regenerate, but decided to bring it all home or wherever I want?”

These are the countless questions I have always asked myself, and I have wanted to find an answer to them by offering our services.

Our logo

“WELLONE” logo signifies the whole world of wellbeing at high level in a single service, ours. Our logo symbolises the union or two universal energies, the Sun and the Moon, earthly, solar energy, and the ethereal energy of the Moon. All this is animated by one great passion and a great deal of sensitivity.