Our work

During the first meeting, we have an initial interview with the client to ascertain their personal situation and needs, possibly with a doctor present too. After this, together we embark on the next steps which will help us create the perfect wellness plan:


Our interview with the client is based on psychophysical needs. We advise on the best possible experience, we design a tailor-made wellness plan and project.

Choice and evaluation of services and professionals follow

Choosing from our expert WellOne team members, those who enter in greatest harmony with the client.


Definition of the place. We will go wherever necessary: to our client’s home, to exclusive rented villas chosen by the client as the place he would like to be when achieving wellbeing.

Organisation of location, materials, products and wellness planning.

Organisation of transfers, setting up a wellness area, choice of products at high level.

Attention for detail

During the stay we have specialist partners in luxury experiences so that entertainment and activities, shopping and sightseeing, culture and history can be added to relaxation.

Final interview

A final briefing concludes the experience, with indications of correct maintenance of the Personal Daily Routine.

Keep in contact

We will stay in touch because we like to keep the wellness of all our clients alive and well after having shared a fantastic experience together..